Three different light-hearted illustrated talks which I present are listed below. I have presented the first two many times whilst the third is relatively new.

Each talk lasts up to 60 minutes including time for questions.

wp771dcc64_medMagic - Ancient and Modern

A brief history of all sorts of magic, trickery & illusions with an emphasis on modern magic. The demonstrations use cards, coins, silks, ropes and other props.

Mind Magic

This covers mentalism, mind-reading, fortune- telling, astrology, & psychometry. The Victorian fascination with psychics, spiritualism, séances, telepathy etc is discussed and illustrated.

Legends of Magic

The lives and work of well known magicians including Houdini, David Nixon, Tommy Cooper, Paul Daniels, Yuri Geller, Derren Brown are discussed. Some of their tricks and illusions will be demonstrated.